Healthy Crib Mattresses

What is the best non toxic crib mattress of 2019?

My top three choices are:

These mattresses excel because they do not contain chemical flame retardants, phthalates, or potentially toxic polyurethane foam. They are also made in the United States and carry independent certification by GreenGuard.

Other Features to Look For in a Crib Mattress:

Built in Waterproof Cover

Naturepedic and several other brands make crib mattresses with either a wipe-clean waterproof cover, or a non-washable quilted fabric cover, intended to be used with a separate waterproof cover. I chose a crib mattress with a built in waterproof cover and highly recommend that option, to protect the mattress from liquids and also to prevent allergen build up. We always used a separate washable cover too, but no cover is perfect and so it is helpful to have a mattress that can survive anything and stay clean even if the cover fails.

For this reason, I prefer Naturepedic’s Breathable or Classic mattresses, rather than their Quilted Deluxe mattress.

Breathable Surface

Some of the newer crib mattresses now come with built-in breathable covers – basically a three dimensional mesh surface that allow air to circulate. Since many babies end up rolling over and sleeping face down on their mattress, a breathable cover offers some additional peace of mind.

If this is a high priority to you, I recommend either:

These are both very good quality mattresses with a 3D mesh cover that can be removed and washed. The cover has a waterproof lining to double as a mattress protector, and the underlying mattress is waterproof too, so it can be used alone when then the cover is being washed.

Alternatively, you can also buy the Lullaby Earth breathable cover separately.

Changing Pads & Covers

Changing pads are another item where we need to be on the lookout for potentially harmful plastic coverings.

If budget permits, Naturepedic’s changing pad is a great option, although it is quite expensive (at $100).

Another good choice is the Moonlight Slumber Contoured Changing pad ($65), which has no PVC and is GreenGuard Gold certified.

This can be used with most brands of washable changing pad covers (I like Burts Bees Covers).

Some parents also like to use a waterproof changing pad liner. The best material for this is cotton with a thin polyurethane or TPU film, such as this liner by BluSnail.