The main chemicals to watch out for in strollers are PVC/vinyl and stain-proofing treatments. Two very good stroller brands that do not use any of these chemicals are Baby Jogger City Mini and UPPAbaby. This post will compare the two and explain the major differences between the various Uppababy stroller models.

Comparing the City Mini vs Uppababy

The City Mini is a very popular stroller and works well for many parents, but it is not compatible with any of the car seats made without flame retardants and does not have the option of turning the seat around so your baby can face you (except when using a car seat).

First, the similarities. Both the City Mini and Uppababy Cruz and Vista strollers:

  • Are free of phthalates, flame retardants, and other chemicals.
  • Offer smooth ride on rough terrain by virtue of larger wheels.
  • Are easy to fold.
  • Have an optional ride-along board attachment for an older sibling to stand on.
  • Have a large storage area for shopping bags etc.

Uppababy Pros:

  • More comfortable to push for taller parents
  • Baby is positioned higher and therefore closer to you
  • Complete “travel system” that allows you to connect an infant car seat or infant bassinet to the stroller frame.
  • Reversible seat orientations- press the buttons at the side to remove the seat component and swap it between rear and forward facing. Small babies prefer to face you, while toddlers usually prefer to face the world at large.
  • Easy to adjust recline position with one hand, if you see your little one is starting to fall asleep.

City Mini Pros:

  • Lighter than Uppababy, at 12 lb vs 21 lb for the Cruz.
  • Less expensive, at $260 vs $550.

The bottom line: If you will be loading your stroller into a car every day or carrying up stairs, the City Mini may be a better choice. Otherwise, when we compare all the features, Uppababy wins out. If you live in a walkable city and have the budget for it, one option is to use Uppababy as your daily stroller and purchase a second lightweight “umbrella” stroller for travel. (Such as Uppababy G-Lite).

Uppababy Cruz vs Vista

The main difference between the Vista and Cruz strollers is size: the Vista is larger, heavier, and more expensive, but it also allows a variety of different seating arrangements to carry three children at once.

The Cruz can carry two children, with the older child standing on the optional “ride-along board” attachment (which my sons loved!). In the end, it really comes down to what you need for the size of your family.

Cruz Vista
Fits up to 2 children 3 children
Weight 22 lb 28 lb
Price (basic version) $550 $900 (includes bassinet)

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